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Discussion in 'In-Game Suggestions' started by Ryuu, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Ryuu

    Ryuu Mini Mushpang

    If Cygon does not have a complete list of 15 day event on an excel file or still thinking what will be the next event, here are suggestion and its explanation. @Xtractor suggested 'couple event' on his status and the next day, it was implemented. Not sure if that is just luck or they are looking for suggestion since EXP, PENYA, DUNGEON, DROP and COUPLE events are finished.. SO WHAT'S NEXT?

    A.) GOLDEN GOD SET - Host an event that something to do with GGS. Give chance to non-guild siegers to have their own GGS (that includes me) as no one wants to sell their chips. Make ERC farmable for 48 hours and that's it.

    This is also why people are AFKing during siege.

    B.) CURSED SHARD EXCHANGE (accept exchange on soul-linked items) - Baruna users has tons of soul-linked eq on their bags/warehouse. You need to spend 1000-1,500 MC for those garbage barunas who we spent 10-15K MC just to exchange. Why spend more MC on garbage EQ?

    C.) 2X CHANCE MAX STATS ON AWAKES++ - This was done long time back


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  2. Ryuu

    Ryuu Mini Mushpang

    Bump, really want to see option A to be active.... Remembering that GGS are made from RED CHIPS BACK THEN.

    Give players at least one day to grind to exchange with something.
  3. Asdasdaas

    Asdasdaas Yielding Yetti

    I don't agree with the farmable ggs unless you somehow just got a small chance at erc while farming dark tras.

    And the baruna thing would be solved if they would just lower the sor requirement like they teased us with a few months back.

    For sure +1 on the double chance awake++ always a good event.
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  4. PayForYourSins

    PayForYourSins Cynical Clockworks

    The first two ideas are retarded. The third one has happened before and for 2 days is probably a decent compromise.
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  5. Asdasdaas

    Asdasdaas Yielding Yetti

    Increased upgrade rate would also be a nice event
  6. Ryuu

    Ryuu Mini Mushpang

    Option A might be a retarded suggestion for those who has GGS from previous Red Chips exchange
    Option B might be a retarded suggestion for those who does not have +20 Baruna set (obviously)
    -We spent thousands of MC, then spend again thousands of MC just for exchanging

    These events are all about giving chance to catch-up. (Penya, EXP, Drops, Couple, Pets)
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  7. Ryuu

    Ryuu Mini Mushpang

    Thanks, what I meant is farmable ERC something like the SOB global drop or crescent exchange. -1 on Dark tras as few has DT farmers.

    End of the day, this events are all about catching-up and giving chance. The idea of farmable ERC for a single day or 48 hours is not that bad because no one can actually farm 10,000 SOBies a single day (assuming this is a global drop).
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  8. TraGuy

    TraGuy Logical Lawolf

    the GGs event i think is too much, it beats the purpose of GGs, that is obtainable only on siege., that is the purpose you are making pvp's for those goals, the second idea about linked items, i think accepting soul linked is a little bit too much, maybe better decrease or lessen the required Sor for those item's and it is already promised way back. and the last 3 ideas happens regularly base on staff's through event. not one time all together.
  9. LemonJuice

    LemonJuice Mini Mushpang

    What happened to red chips? aren't they originally obtainable on siege? Now its farm-able, not to mention the on-going CygonX box event. In addition, I strongly believe that you got your GGS when it was originally exchangeable with red chips.
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