25 Days of Christmas

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    Greetings MagmaFlyFFers,

    Welcome to the first ever 25 Days of Christmas Sale!
    Each day, we will be updating this main thread with a new sale. Each sale will last 2 days, the day it was launched and the day that follows so be sure to act quick if you see something that you like!
    Blue text is a completed sale.
    Red text is an active sale.

    Day 1
    25% off Scroll of Augmentation Scrolls Sale Day
    Day 2
    25% off Masks Sale Day
    Day 3
    50% off Guild/Character Name Change Scroll Sale Day
    Day 4
    50% off Stat Scrolls Sale Day
    Day 5
    75% off Blessings of the Goddess Sale Day
    Day 6

    50% off Blessed Fashion Manipulation Scroll Sale Day
    Day 7

    60% off Inferno Gems Sale Day
    Day 8
    50% off Blessings of Inferno Bundles Sale Day
    Day 9
    All Giraffemane Sets back on sale and 50% off Sale Day
    Day 10
    50% off Awake++ Bundles Sale Day
    Day 11
    50% off Withdraw Weapon/Shield Pierce Card Bundles Sale Day
    Day 12
    50% off Blessings of Baruna Bundle Sale Day
    Day 13
    50% off Pet Enhancement Sale Day
    Day 14
    25% off Cloaks Sale Day
    Day 15
    50% off Augmentation Bundle Day
    Day 16
    50% off Withdraw Weapon/Shield Pierce Card x20 Sale Day
    Day 17

    50% Bonus RMC with Paypal Donation Day
    Day 18

    50% Bonus RMC with Paypal Donation Day Continued!
    Day 19

    All old Chance Boxes re-added to shop, and all Chance Boxes 50% off Day
    Day 20
    Weapon Skin Box re-added to shop and 50% off Day
    Day 21
    50% off Guild Furniture Packages Day
    Day 22
    All Auras re-enabled and 50% off all Aura Day
    Day 23
    75% off UBoB Bundles Day
    Day 24
    Almost all Classic Fashion Sets back in shop Day
    Day 25
    50% off all Cloaks and Mounts Day

    ~CygonX & MagmaFlyFF Staff
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