Black Friday 2017!

Discussion in 'News' started by ShadowArc, Nov 24, 2017.

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    Hello MagmaFlyFFers,

    We are pleased to present you with this year's Black Friday Sale! We have the following going on for you:

    PayPal & PaymentWall will have a donation bonus, this bonus reflects the 50% of the original PayPal donation rates, (roughly 25% more than what they currently are). This will last until Monday, November 27th at 23:59 PST, it will be over by Tuesday at 00:00.

    The following are on a 50% discount for 1 week!
    BoI, BoTG, Awake++, Kheldor Cloaks, Golden God Sets & Weapons/Shields, SoR, SoIR, Augs, Scroll of Stat Unlocks!

    We have our Winter Seasonal update coming in soon. It will include balancing updates, lots of new sinks, bug fixes that have been going on far too long, a bunch of 4th year Anniversary events, including another Alchemy Event!!!
    We will post details about this by the weekend!

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