Civilian's Journal Entry VII - What is Project: Curse?

Discussion in 'Civilian's Journal' started by Civilian, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. p0wnzero

    p0wnzero Hasty Hellhound

    Who said i even had a price or a/w.. So how do u know the price when i don't even know it yet rofl.
  2. Xtractor

    Xtractor Nosy Nightmyst

    Well as a general notion most people selling their old baruna gear are expecting to sell them as what they were worth before molten and inferno and then complain they can't sell it because they only accept high prices which for players looking to get new gear makes little sense to pay when you can just make inferno stuff for a similar price which has better stats and better endgame investment and potential. There is no way you can sell your baruna stuff without heavy losses in the current economy so if you want to sell your stuff then ppl gotta accept lower prices and im sure more ppl would be interested.

    Especially if the unlinking becomes cheaper
  3. tksuep

    tksuep Mini Mushpang

    Its not about price for barunas, its cost lots for SOR. MC cost 8-10m now and you need 31 SOR for +20 weapons and 81 for +20 Armor. Ill sell my +20 yj for 50p+SOR, and no1 gonna buy it cuz of SOR.
  4. Xtractor

    Xtractor Nosy Nightmyst

    Its because buying baruna means buying weapon + buying sors so the total price is still a lot. making unbinding easier or cheaper would 1 make them cheaper and 2 make them more attractive to re-sell again so people are faster to buying them because they know it doesnt require a shitton to unbind anymore.
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  5. p0wnzero

    p0wnzero Hasty Hellhound

    It's not even close to a molten set, trust me.
  6. MeracleBele

    MeracleBele Mini Mushpang

    Maybe increase the success rate of inferno upgrades so it doesn't cost so much?
  7. Xtractor

    Xtractor Nosy Nightmyst

    Success rates for inferno are already higher than those of baruna I believe. The only reason its expensive is because there is no MC in the server and little PD for upgrading and scrolls.
  8. MeracleBele

    MeracleBele Mini Mushpang

    Yea... I've only gotten a few dice and Inferno blessings are pretty expensive for me...
  9. PayForYourSins

    PayForYourSins Cynical Clockworks

    Super excited for this cursed update now, not what i thought it was at all.
  10. liquorporn

    liquorporn Hasty Hellhound

    This sounds awesome. An update like this is a great thing to come back to, and might actually bring the Don over to the dark side of end game.

    Shame about what I'm hearing for Hero Siege though, that's a bummer.

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