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Discussion in 'Events and Contests' started by CygonX, Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. CygonX

    CygonX Head Administrator Staff Member

    Hello MagmaFlyFFers,

    I would like to introduce the Basilisk players to the "Bug for Rewards" event, and reintroduce it to the Clockworks players!

    This is another permanent event for the community to participate in, and believe me, everyone will be able to participate in this event!

    The way it works is simple, you find bugs in the game, report them to us, we confirm the bug, and you submit a ticket for your reward!

    Important Note: Please make a separate bug report thread for each individual bug!

    There are 4 different types of bugs that we will classify as.

    1. Textual Issue: This is classified as a skill having the wrong description, an NPC speaking improper English or gibberish, basically anything that has mistaken English or falsified information.

    This bug will receive 2x Scroll of Amplification P

    2. Minor Content/Gameplay Issue: This is classified as a bug that exists in the game that isn't too harmful, for instance, if an Upcut stone says it lasts 20 minutes, you use it and it lasts an hour, this will be classified as a Minor Content Issue.

    This bug will receive 1x Scroll of Acquisition (Low)

    3. Moderate Content/Gamplay Issue: This is classified as a bug that exists in the game that can cause a fair amount of harm to the community and its players. A good example of a Moderate Content Issue is the Eel stacking glitch that exists on the Basilisk Cluster currently.

    This bug will receive 3x Scroll of Acquisition (Low)

    4. Major Content/Gameplay Issue: This is classified as a bug that exists in the game that can cause a hefty amount of harm to the community and its players. A good example would be a dupe, or an exploit for a dungeon that is heavily abuseable.

    This bug will receive a minimum of 2000 Magma Cores up to a maximum of 20,000 Magma Cores Depending on the severity of the issue.

    Follow the following method in order make sure that your report is not only done properly, but to ensure that you receive your reward!

    Find the bug and post it in the Bug Reports section, please be sure to post it in the proper cluster. If the bug exists on both clusters, select only one and post it there.

    2. In your posted thread, provide us with pictures, or an explanation of how to find the bug/issue, and or how to reproduce it.

    For an example, I will be using the housing specialist in Flaris as a textual bug report.


    3. After you have posted your bug, a member of staff will read it and tell you if the bug is one of the following: not a bug, duplicate (a bug that's already been reported), and confirmed. Any prefixes other than confirmed will not be eligible for a reward.

    If you see that your bug report is confirmed, please follow to step 4.

    4. Once you see that your bug is confirmed, please log into your MagmaFlyFF Support System account, and click the Submit a Ticket button. Select the following department.

    After you press next, you will be prompted to the following page, please view the way I have filled it out and try to fill it in somewhat the same fashion.


    After you have filled out the form to the best of your ability, please wait for us to provide you with your reward for the bug you've reported to us!

    Please feel free to provide us feedback regarding the event in the following thread.


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  2. Civilian

    Civilian Community Manager Staff Member

    Greetings all!

    We appreciate the community pitching in to helping us solve problems on the fly. But with this ability to share bugs that happen in-game, lots of issues have been raised with tickets not being filled out correctly or with completely wrong information.

    To make things simpler for both you guys and us, we've decided that tickets that are not filled in correctly -- (with a link to your thread made on the forums and the character you'd like to receive the rewards on) -- will be thrown out and will have to be remade by the user. Obviously if it's a simple mistake, we will just ask the user for more clear information. But filling the link field with anything that isn't a link will cause your ticket to be deleted swiftly thereafter. This is now retroactive. Meaning tickets previously filled out with this information will be handled like so as well.

    Regardless, we wholeheartedly agree with the notion of paying back the community for filling out bugs and will continue to support it until such a time comes where it is no longer feasible. Once again, once your thread is Confirmed on these forums, always make sure to make a follow-up ticket on our Support System.
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