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What event do you want to see more of?

  1. Login Event

  2. Kill the Global Boss for Global Rates (I.e Global 2x Penya 1H event, etc)

  3. Collect and Exchange Event

  4. Farming Event

  5. Collection Field Event

  6. Dungeon Based Event (Dungeon mobs dropping custom items for a limited time)

  7. Open the Chests across Madrigal Event

  8. Rock Paper Scissors

  9. Increased Rate Event (I.e 2x EXP or 2x Drop event)

  10. Hunt the X Mob Event (I.e. Hunt the Mocomochi Event, etc)

  1. CygonX

    CygonX Head Administrator Staff Member

    Greetings MagmaFlyFFers,

    We try our best to cycle through different events for the players to keep the community engaged at all times, however, there are simply some events that attract more popularity than others. This is your chance to pick your favorite event!

    Let us know what it is, so we can start working on releasing more of that event, and who knows, maybe we'll even improve on the events that you select and launch a newer version of your favorite event!

    ~CygonX & MagmaFlyFF Staff
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  2. Ryuu

    Ryuu Mini Mushpang

  3. Petrua

    Petrua Hasty Hellhound

    Um, no. Unless the drops can be sold for 10m each again, then yes, please.
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  4. Saurus

    Saurus Mini Mushpang

    I liked the Random CW spawn that gave global buff. That was pretty fun! :wink:
  5. sarah_mocha

    sarah_mocha Adorable Aibatt

    could i ask what a login event is?
  6. Arcus

    Arcus Cynical Clockworks

    Everyone logs in and there's an event
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  7. Saurus

    Saurus Mini Mushpang

    Elaborating on what he said, it is like the Halloween login event we had where you had to log in for a total of an hour a day (could be spread through out the day) in order to get a prize. Basically logging in each day gave you a prize of some sort.
  8. sarah_mocha

    sarah_mocha Adorable Aibatt

    ah okay thank you!
  9. maximus77

    maximus77 Logical Lawolf

    Provided, you log-in for more than an hour. In this way, you're assured to claim your reward from the mail box everyday... just to expand it
    I chose farming event over the rest of the events since I'm a farmer and it will allow me to farm even more than my average farming costs. I would also like the open the chest across madrigal event if these chests are not purely consumables, we will keep rare items permanently if we're fortunate enough and if these boxes are going to be available from monsters' drops I do hope that the rates are average (even without using COF and only the treasure hunter and lucky box party skills are on) we will reap the best.
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  10. Maxima

    Maxima Feisty Fefern

    Global buff sucks. It says global but it doesn't work for other servers ! Crowded on s1 farm site and RIP to us weak PCs jus go for double rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. llJamesll

    llJamesll Mini Mushpang

    Login Event and Farming Event :] do 2 event for this month :laugh:
  12. Pip3r

    Pip3r Adorable Aibatt

    Why only 2 of us voted rock, paper and scissor event. It's ucommon, and most likely will not affect the economy. I'm not sure how it works but it sounds awesome.

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