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    In MagmaFlyff, the players come first. However, rules and regulations must be set in order to maintain game play quality for other players. For this reason, we've compiled a list of various actions that are forbidden on MagmaFlyff. Please note that there may be other punishable offenses not included on the list. For this reason, it is recommended that players are considerate of each other while on the forum.

    Method of punishment is up to the discretion of MagmaFlyff staff members.

    Forbidden Conduct

    1. Advertising or endorsing other private servers.
    2. Discussing other games is allowed, so long as it does not boast in ways that could be interpreted as advertising
    3. Impersonating other players or staff members.
    4. Buying or selling in-game items via any currency other than in-game currency over the forums.
    5. Trading or sharing account details is forbidden.
    6. Lying when reporting in-game incidents to staff members.
    7. Harassment of any player or staff member.
    8. Disruption of any official online event.
    9. Any sort of spamming.
    10. Publicly discussing punishment.
    11. Posting on behalf of any players that were banned or received any form of punishment.
    12. Signatures must not contain any spoilers, endorsement of any other servers, advertisement, pornographic or mature content.
    13. Multi-Posting. Users can edit their previous post should it be the latest post in any thread.
    14. Flaming. Flaming includes any form of harassment, profanity, or generally any harsh tone. If flaming occurs, all participants are susceptible to punishment.
    15. Publicly posting any suggestive content. This is includes graphic content, gore, violence, pornography, or any kind of mature content. Should any user find post that may be considered suggestive, they may report by using the report button located at the bottom of each post.
    16. Making a secondary forum account to bypass a ban that resulted on the original account.
    17. Posting illegal content such as links to torrents, links that stream movies/TV shows, links to download music, or any form of illegal free services.
    18. Encouraging rule breaking.
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