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Discussion in 'News' started by CygonX, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Greetings MagmaFlyFFers,

    Mootie was made available to us today and he was able to fix the in-game donation manager, you can again transfer your RMC at ease. I apologize severely for the inconvenience we caused you the past several days, it was far longer than we had ever hoped it would last.

    As a result of the issues we had with the manager, we felt it would be disrespectful to host a Labor Day Sale, we will be releasing a proper update this coming Friday or Sunday the 17th. With an announcement for a MagmaFlyFF Auction and several new RMC items for you to all take advantage of!

    We also have several balance updates coming out to fix some gapping issues we have noticed on the server in respect to PvP and some PvE.

    Some of you may not know this, but this was never about the money for me, my compensation was about recognizing what I did for the server, the community, and the scene I never really wanted to become "rich" from FlyFF. Truthfully, I've never made the profit that some of you may think, I work a full-time job on the side of this, and I do this because it has always been a game that I have held dear to me. It was a place for me to find several of my best friends, a place for me to learn how to play MMORPGs, a place for me to have a safe haven and just release steam when I was having issues in my personal life. I have played FlyFF since the early part of 2006, I have known FlyFF for more than half of my life, and for that, I will always do what I can to carry on with MagmaFlyFF.
    For that, I will make it my mission to start doing bi-weekly updates for you all, with new events, new in-game content, and more Free to Play centric updates!

    Also, to state where the money goes, since some of you think I live this lavish life with your donations. The money that you guys donate goes to the following:

    - Server Fees, some of which are test servers, live servers, DDoS protection, AWS, licenses for software, etc.
    - Active spam monitoring on forums.
    - Advertising
    - Staff pay (5 of our staff members are on a cash basis payroll that have their lives depend on the server, as it is their full time job.)

    I hope you all understand that this was just a minor setback, we love developing FlyFF and we will continue to do so, so long as you guys are there with us. It is your admiration to the server that keeps us working, your determination to be critical on our mistakes, your dedication to stick with us through the thick and thin.
    We appreciate every one of your ideas, your input, your advice, and yes even your harsh words.

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