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    Greetings MagmaFlyFFers,

    As many of you have been asking quite a few similar questions lately, we decided to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) thread. The thread is divided in three sections: Website/Support/Forum Information, In-game Information, and Who to contact.

    Website/Support/Forum Information

    How can I register a game account?
    Creating a game account for yourself is quite simple. First of all, you have to register a website account here. Once you're done with this, you have to log into your freshly created account, click 'Accounts', then 'Create Account'. On this page you will be able to create an account that you can use in-game.

    I forgot my account details, what should I do?
    There's nothing to worry about if you've lost your account details (password, PIN, etc) as we're here to assist you with issues like this one as well. All you have to do is submit a ticket at under the Account Recovery section. Please try to provide as much information as possible for us to help you. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours to receive a reply.

    Where can I find general information about the game?
    You can find all the necessary information in our Wiki which you can access here.

    Where can I see the changes on the server?
    You can see the changes on the server in the Patch Notes section of our forums, and you can also find them on our Wiki. You may also find important information in the News section.

    How to donate?
    You can purchase MagmaCores on our website. You have to log into your website account, click 'Donate', then choose the donation option that is suitable for you.

    Where can I report other players?
    You may report other players by submitting a ticket on our Support website. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible, along with screenshots, videos, etc.

    In-game Information

    Do I get free items when I make a new character?
    Yes, we provide you with several boxes in which you can find various goods. You can find information about the Consumable, Transportation, and Buff Pet Starter Boxes here. You also receive weapons upon reaching level 15 and 60. To make your journey even more exciting, we have also added Level-Up Rewards which you receive up until level 175. You can find information about the Level-Up Rewards here.

    How can I check if there's a staff member in-game?
    You can check if there's an available staff member by typing /gmlist into your chat. This command gives you a list of online staff members.

    How do I change job?
    In order to change your job, all you have to do is level up and upon turning level 15 and 60, a window will pop up, allowing you to choose from the jobs available to your current job. At level 130, the job change is automatic. For more information please visit the Classes page of our Wiki.

    Where can I see the changed item effects?
    You can find the effects of every green item in our Wiki. This page is for armor, while this page is for weapons. You have to scroll down to find the job you're interested in, and click the image to display the armor/weapons.

    Where can I see the changed skill effects?
    The skill effects are also available on our Wiki. You have to visit our Classes page, and click the image of the class you're interested in.

    Where to get premium items (pets, fashion, etc.)?
    Premium items, such as pets, fashion, flying vehicles, etc. can be bought from the Red MagmaCore Shop and the CommunityCore Shop. In the Red MagmaCore Shop you can purchase items with MagmaCores, while in the CommunityCore Shop you can buy items with CommunityCores. MagmaCores are donation points, while CommunityCores are points that you receive after voting.

    Where do players sell their items?
    You can sell your items to other players in Saint Morning, and you can also browse players' shops there. You can either make a Private Shop with your character, or use a vendor (such as Vending Aibatt, Vendor Yetti, etc).

    Where can I buy Azria/Coral Island/Traseia/Dark Traseia ticket?
    You can purchase tickets to these areas from "[Premium] Tritney" in Flaris.

    What are Crystals for?
    A Crystal is an item which you can exchange at the Crystal Merchant for Fashion Pieces, temporary Fashion Sets, Jewel Sets, Upgrading Scrolls and Red Chips! You can get Crystals from all monsters in Azria and Coral Island.

    What is a Frost Yetti?
    A Frost Yetti is a new Boss Monster that you can find in Azria. Frost Yetties can drop valuable items, such as greens, Potion of High Healing, and Crystal Chance Box! They also drop 25,000,000 Penya every time you kill them, along with their own body parts (such as Frost Yetti Horn) which you can exchange for upgraded level 105 sets at the Frost Yetti Poacher!

    What is a Crescent Fragment?
    It's an item that is dropped by monsters in Traseia and Dark Traseia! Crescent Fragments can be traded at a merchant in both Traseia and Dark Traseia lodes, the Sage of Traseia. He will collect your Crescent Fragments for +8 Dryad Armor!

    Where can I get Red Chips?
    You are able to obtain Red Chips by participating in the Guild Siege or buying them from other players. You can also get Red Chips by collecting Crystals and exchanging them at the Crystal Merchant.

    When can I participate in Guild Siege?
    You may participate in the regular Guild Siege every Monday at 09:00 PST, every Thursday at 03:00 PST and every Saturday at 11:00 PST (GMT -8). You may participate in the Hero Siege every Sunday at 13:00 PST.

    What is Hero Siege?
    Hero Siege is a MagmaFlyFF exclusive event. You may only enter with a level 121H character or below. Hero Siege is held every Friday at 16:00 PST, and every Sunday at 13:00 PST. The rules of Hero Siege can be found here.

    How can I de-level my character?
    You can de-level your character at the NPC called "[De-Level] Wiseman" in Flaris. You can de-level yourself to level 130. You must pay 100 million penya per de-level between the levels of 199 and 160, and 50 million penya per de-level between the levels of 159 and 130.

    How can I revert a transmutation?
    You can revert a transmutation by using a Revert Transmutation Scroll, which can be bought in the Red MagmaCore Shop for 75 MagmaCores.

    Can I save my sacrificial item from being lost after transmutation?
    The answer to this question is yes, you can prevent your sacrificial item from being lost after transmutation by using the Restore Transmuted Item Scroll, which can be bought in the Red MagmaCore Shop for 750 MagmaCores.

    Can I use an Item Transy on Colosseum Sets?
    No, you cannot use Item Transies on premium items.

    I lost half of my levels! What happened?
    Congratulations, you became a Master! This is totally normal when it comes to FlyFF; as a Master you will get more stat points and also get your Mastery skill! You will not de-level again, you can continue leveling from here!

    Does this server have Forsaken Tower?
    Yes! With the reintroduction of the Forsaken Tower, we wanted to take a different approach and provide a faster way to level for higher-end players. Take notice, that Forsaken Tower is not intended for newbies as the penya drop there is not intended to provide a flow to players.

    Where can I get Bloody Sets?
    You can obtain Bloody Sets from the Catacombs of Anguish dungeon.

    What are Archaic and Aquatic Bloody sets?
    Archaic and Aquatic sets were introduced with the Mystic Woods update. You can obtain them from the Euphresia - Island of Dreams and La Christiana A dungeons. You can check the set effects here and here.

    What is the Mystic Woods dungeon?
    Mystic Woods is a MagmaFlyFF exclusive dungeon which was introduced with the Mystic Woods Update. The Mystic Woods dungeon can be accessed through a portal in Shaduwar. The dungeon is intended as a catch-up dungeon for lowbies and newbies, this is why the monsters only drop penya.

    What is Molten Raid?
    Molten Raid is the new system and activity for MagmaFlyFF. It is designed as a wave (round) based activity for 8 players to actively progress through a set of trials. Each round progressively gets harder as you kill your way to the 20th and final round.

    Who to contact in times of need?

    Contact via Forum PM - The list of staff members can be accessed here.
    Game related questions/issues

    Forum related questions/issues/requests

    Support related issues

    Wiki related issues/requests (you can also post here)

    Contact via In-game PM

    If you have further questions about the game or the forums/website, please do not hesitate to contact the staff members listed above.

    We hope this FAQ thread helped in answering some important questions you might have! If you feel like some questions are missing from this thread, feel free to PM Mercury.
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