Mystic Woods Noob Build Guide

Discussion in 'Guide Requests' started by Zeratul, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Zeratul

    Zeratul Adorable Aibatt

    As what the title says "NOOB BUILD GUIDE"
    All I can search so far in the forums were builds which is kinda expensive, can someone teach me the pretty basic build.
  2. Camelettee

    Camelettee Adorable Aibatt

    I know exactly how u feel, a week ago i was in the same place, my advice to you, make a crackshooter lvl it as full dex and at lvl 140 reset to full STA, set lvl 105 +3 at least, but what make the real difference is wind cards that you need to but on your bow(ultimate ancient bow) that card give give you a lot of speed.

    1- Farm at mammoths til u can buy the ancient bow and make your 105 set
    2- farm at mammoths til u can buy at least 10 wind A cards( its cheep)
    3-Farm more to buy some scrolls to pierce your weapon and armor
    4- use the dekane jewel ( ring 30 dex, earring 200 damage) if u can afford buy the Azria set (10k crystals)
    5- At MW if u can't aggro all the mobs, just aggro the all the aggressive monster till the passive ones, kill and repeat.

    Final considerations: don't bother yourself trying to finish the dungeon in 2~~4 minutes, since u don't have another runners to bypass the countdown, also save the first 60p that you will make to buy a 0/9 buff pet it give a lot of buffs with the breeds, hope that work u, worked for me.
    Edit: to farm at mammoths u need to be lvl 110, u can make another ranger to do that.

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  3. Zeratul

    Zeratul Adorable Aibatt

    Thanks mate noted. :blush:
  4. KiNGHEN

    KiNGHEN Mini Mushpang

    very well done - if you follow this youll scrape by the first level of magma initiation lol

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