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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by pairy, May 25, 2015.

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  1. pairy

    pairy Guest

    hi guys this is the old demon flyff right? what happen to those old accounts? do i need to create a new one or can i just use the old ?
  2. eatmyplis

    eatmyplis Mini Mushpang

    uhh LOL well demonflyff was a very old name for it yea, but if you had an account in aether you can link it here by logging in to the site on magmaflyff.com, then go to accounts and link it
  3. vxzc

    vxzc Adorable Aibatt

    the last time i play i think they change it to monsterflyff. so this aether is this the 3rd? demon>monster>aether>magma?
  4. blkpenguin

    blkpenguin Adorable Aibatt

    So it's possible to recover my aether flyff account from a few years ago?
  5. Civilian

    Civilian Community Manager Staff Member

    Yes, is long as it is intact, it is possible to recover an AetherFlyFF account. As to what might be inside the account to be converted over entirely depends on how many items were on this account prior to conversion. Meaning that if the account was empty, you will receive nothing.
  6. RayAiax

    RayAiax Adorable Aibatt

    I asked a GM, they cannot recover accounts anymore. DemonFlyff v.16 was the best era of the server in my opinion.
  7. Civilian

    Civilian Community Manager Staff Member

    You can recover accounts, you just can't recover characters.
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  8. RayAiax

    RayAiax Adorable Aibatt

    Yeah, sorry, my fault.
  9. PayForYourSins

    PayForYourSins Cynical Clockworks

    This is a 18 month+ necro....
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