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Discussion in 'FlyFF Discussion' started by LittleSheena, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Civilian

    Civilian Community Manager Staff Member

    Players from the Philippines have a very bad reputation on a lot of servers. A lot of people feel like the economy issues like perin inflation is due to them. It's really a conflict of cultures and age. What it boils down to is that we try our best to keep that off the forums but honestly sometimes we just miss it. It happens.

    You have a right to feel bad, but if you have been here for a while, you'd understand that perhaps it comes for a reason. That doesn't mean it can't be changed though. There are several players who actively try to move away from the stereotype. The community should learn to be more inclusive, but that's not going to happen while people antagonize on both sides.

    I wish there was a fix, but both sides have sinned very hard to each other, and it's not always easy to fix.
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  2. Liquorice

    Liquorice Hasty Hellhound

    DauntLess are my home boys, I love them
  3. Haze

    Haze Tricky Tanuki

    Pinoys that don't seem pinoys from a mile away are 'good' pinoys, same with any other nationality Imo. I speak dutch but I find a lot of other dutch ppl rather annoying which is why I don't speak dutch in-game. Kinda the same but with another nationality.
    Pinoys that shout in caps and laugh in 5 sentences are annoying pinoys which will get hate. Again, same with other nationalities, altho as @Civilian said it might be a pinoy+age combined thing that causes them to be the main focus of hate.
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  4. RyanTinio

    RyanTinio Peeky Peakyturtle

    This can't be fix anymore. No chance that it will be fix while somebody still have nomomisia with the word "Pinoy" or "Filipino" or "Philippines"
    Everything will be okay maybe soon. Lets just have fun and enjoy playing.
    I suggest not to mind them.
    Let their hearts full of hatred while we are enjoying every moment playing magma LOL
  5. Civilian

    Civilian Community Manager Staff Member

    That's the thing, though. Perhaps the scariest part.

    It's not hatred. It's just discontent. People don't like feeling like they have to log into a game and be ripped off, or scammed, or talked down to in another language. Whenever you have 5+ years of a group being supremely toxic to the economy, the community, and actively avoid english-speakers, you end up with this kind of sporadic vitriol.

    I think it can be fixed, anything that was made can be un-made.
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  6. KeanWalker

    KeanWalker Adorable Aibatt

    The thing i hate the most about them is whenever they know someone is a donator, they will immedietly discredit everything the player has and will treat them as second class player. Well obviously its a different case when they can benefit from you but if youre being competetive then expect a lot of trashtalking about how P2W you are.

    PS. Donations is what letting everyone of us enjoy the server not some highbies toxic freeloaders like you.
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  7. Asdasdaas

    Asdasdaas Honest Hobo

    I think age plays a big role in this.
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  8. PayForYourSins

    PayForYourSins Nosy Nightmyst

    I think it's the fact these people literally live in tin huts from a third world country and try to talk shit. People need to know their place.
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  9. LittleSheena

    LittleSheena Mini Mushpang

    How does ignorant shit like these get through? "know their place" like you are superior? That's flat out racist! you're not even disguising this anymore.
    @Civilian Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've caught up on how this has come about. It sucks but Im just going to accept defeat and ignore it. But isn't there some harrassment/disrespectful rule anywhere?
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  10. PayForYourSins

    PayForYourSins Nosy Nightmyst

    I didn't mention pinoys, can you stop assuming things please.

    Also 1st world>3rd world. It's simple maths.
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  11. Liquorice

    Liquorice Hasty Hellhound

    oh dang
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  12. Xtractor

    Xtractor Nosy Nightmyst

    but 3 is more than 1 #simplemaths :ridicule:

    Also highly agree with @Haze I am dutch but I usually actively avoid to interact in dutch or tell people im dutch cuz a big majority of the dutch community is also like 13-16 years old and not exactly my kind of people cuz im like 23 rip grandpa.
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  13. Snipe

    Snipe Peeky Peakyturtle

    I feel ya bruh. I am a pinoy but I COMPLETELY or AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE "AVOID" to speak our own language because this is simply NOT A PINOY SERVER. Also, I am a pinoy that lives in the U.S. and I should get used to speaking English.

    I admit speaking our own language but only on private messages with fellow pinoys WHO ARE NOT ANNOYING AF...
  14. liquorporn

    liquorporn Hasty Hellhound

    This wouldn't be a pinoy discussion thread if I didn't give my 2 cents.

    @Civilian covered it pretty well so there isn't much for me to say. This isn't something new. Pinoys in FlyFF/DoTA are the Russians/Brazilians of the Oceanic gaming world.

    Not to spark another debate, but I've been around this shit for a long ass time. As soon as the Filipino playerbase began growing and refusing to speak English in English games, which was obviously seen to the masses as somewhat xenophobic, the hate started. There is no one event that started all this. It just happened over the course of a decade, especially in FlyFF. Then simply relating certain activities to the already fragile racial split gave birth to the stereotype.

    That stereotype then became a real thing.

    Pinoys did break economies. Pinoys did scam players. Pinoys did ruin farming spots. Pinoys did fail to assimilate and strengthened the divide. That's not to say other races didn't do those things. It's just that you guys claimed it.

    Edit: with all this being said - age is still a critical factor. Sarcastic, toxic teens of any race are going to have the same effect on older players. Cause let's face it. You're pubescent dumb cunts and need to be belted by your parents more. There are plenty of Filipino players that are my age (older) and we get along really well with @Kraft
  15. kieer006

    kieer006 Peeky Peakyturtle

    This is a game nothing's personal if you take it personal don't play the game. I think this thread should be closed. ~Inday30
  16. TraGuy

    TraGuy Logical Lawolf

    "Not all cops are bad, Not all black people are criminals, and not all white people are racist!"
  17. iGnored

    iGnored Mini Mushpang

    Make Love, Not War:kiss::kiss::kiss:
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  18. Kraft

    Kraft Feisty Fefern

    We can all hate, but at the end of the day; no matter what the reason, we do play the same server so we should all get along well. And I just noticed, some are getting along well by arguing. :sparkle:

    Kinda cute. :kiss::blush::cat:
  19. Xtractor

    Xtractor Nosy Nightmyst

    Also just sheer size of the community adds to it. There are always a static % of cunts in any crowd of people, regardless of age, race, gender or anything.

    And since in magma that crowed is majority Filipino, the majority of cunts are more likely to be Filipino as well.
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  20. xLissa

    xLissa Mini Mushpang

    wow this is still going on xD Normally i wouldn't say anything but this topic is off in many direction lmao. The name wasn't even directed toward her. This is a game and ppl say words out of anger or w/e it is the reason why they said. maybe because they have history of arguments xD Pinoy isn't the only bad word thats been said here on the forum and game. they all are keyboard warriors hahahaha and if the person to whom it was said to has an issue with it, then can make a ticket and send it in, enuff said. also i seen this shout the other day XDD soo yeh selling is againt the rules, js maybe focus on your own self
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